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Oily Floors

Workshop floors are an area where heavy oil and grease soiling can be a serious problem endangering health and safety. Using our highly experienced teams, we can provide services to bring those floors back to the required standard of cleanliness.

We will use a range of techniques and processes to minimise disruption to your business and leave you with the best possible end result.

Building Facade Cleaning

A clean, well-presented building gives the very best impression of your company and brand. Our facade cleaning services ensure the exterior of your building is clear of any dirt, grime, stains, and pollutants, no matter where you are situated in the UK.
Our highly trained and experienced teams will assess the most suitable equipment and solutions to use, specific to the type of facade building materials, to ensure no damage occurs during the cleaning process. The building’s location and function will also be taken into consideration when planning the clean.

Roofs & High Level Cleaning

Keeping your roof clean and well maintained can head off potential issues in the future, from build ups of dirt and grime to leaks, leading to more damage. We can provide both roof cleaning and roof maintenance services anywhere in the UK 

We have IPAF trained staff to deliver your high level cleaning requirements. Our services cover all facility types and include both interior and exterior cleans. Our services can be carried out around your production schedules to minimise disruption, for example, weekend, overnight and shutdown cleans can all be accommodated.

Tank Cleaning

Storage tanks, either above or below ground, need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they remain in good condition to continue safely holding hazardous materials and chemicals. We can cater for any type of contamination and clean up, in tanks of all shapes and sizes.

Tank cleaning is crucial to the safety of the environment in which operators work. For example, tanks should be cleaned to avoid possible reactions between different substances if you plan to change the product in a particular tank.

Maintenance is crucial, in the case of a mechanical failure, you can’t repair the issue while the tank is in use, your tank will need to be emptied, fully cleaned and free of any residual vapours

Our teams of highly trained experts across the UK can deal with any type of tank and contamination, safely and compliantly.

Production & Factory Machine Cleaning

All manufacturers need their equipment to perform efficiently. The effects of unplanned downtime due to breakdowns can be extremely costly, and if machinery is inoperable for an extended period, the losses can prove disastrous.

All this can be avoided with regular deep cleans of your production machinery coupled with a robust maintenance plan. Our specialist, experienced teams can deal with various levels of cleaning on all types of machinery, from a general clean to a full deep clean.

Pit Cleaning

Our highly experienced operatives are fully trained in the safe and efficient cleaning of machine pits. These services can be provided either on an ad-hoc basis to fit around your production schedules or during shutdowns. Our comprehensive pit cleaning service includes the safe and compliant disposal (and where possible recycling) of all resulting wastes and the additional use of cleaning machinery as required, anywhere across the UK.

Production Floor Gangway Cleaning

We have experienced cleaning operatives throughout the UK that specialise in the cleaning of factory walkways and floors with scrubber dryers.

We have access to the very best equipment for the job, from manually operated floor scrubber dryers to the larger, ride-on versions for larger floor spaces. We can easily include this package into our general factory and equipment cleaning services – delivered around your production schedules to minimise disruption.

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