Single Stream Recycling for Wales from April 6th 

Single Stream Waste – Wales April 6th

From April 6th 2024, businesses in Wales will have to segregate all their waste into single streams. Co-mingled streams such as Dry Mixed Recycling will no longer be accepted – for example, cardboard must be separated from plastics and cans going forward.  

All waste must be segregated into the following streams:

  • Food (only for premises that produce more than 5kg of food waste per week)
  • Paper and card
  • Glass
  • Metals, plastic, and cartons and other fibre-plastic composite packaging of a similar composition
  • Unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Unsold textiles

Who will these changes affect?

These changes will affect all businesses and workplaces, waste collectors, those who arrange for waste to be collected, and those who collect, receive, keep, treat, or transport waste across Wales. These transporters will also need to maintain the separation of waste during transportation.

These changes will help to improve recycling rates and efficiency across Wales, but businesses need to prepare! Staff members need to be aware, and potentially offered new training. Space needs to be made inside properties for extra bins and waste containers, due to the creation of additional waste streams. Businesses also need to check when additional bin collections will take place, as services are set to increase two-fold.

It must be stressed that these changes are for sites operating in Wales only at the moment, it is expected that England and Scotland may well follow suit shortly – we will keep you updated with any news regarding this.

Organising separate collections of these multiple single waste streams may prove to be a headache for many companies. Waste Efficiency can help by consolidating all the specialist collection services under one roof, ensuring you get the best possible deals for every waste stream with a single point of contact to make it easy for you!

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