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Waste Efficiency sets new standards in data capture, enabling complete visibility and control of every waste stream in your operation.

Alongside this powerful waste management portal, our expert senior team tailors solutions and waste strategies, streamlining and optimising operational performance according to the unique priorities of your business.

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Data Driven Waste Management

Waste producers need solid data and strategic support to drive informed decisions. That’s what we deliver. See how our approach is disrupting the waste brokerage segment, helping businesses to project manage their waste streams more efficiently – preventing overspend, cutting costs,  guaranteeing up to date documentation and saving time.


Features and benefits

  • Dashboard monitoring enables total waste control 
  • Compliance made easy: documented, traceable and up to date
  • Tailored reporting pinpoints sustainability wins
  • Continuous improvement, constant consulting
  • Big emission savings, lower landfill requirements, less pollution
  • The data to deliver carbon neutrality

Arrange a CADS2 Demonstration

The Customer Access Data System (CADS) from Waste Efficiency is a comprehensive online compliance and reporting tool that gives you all the data you need at the touch of a button.


Can I review the compliance information for all of my collections, no matter how small?

Yes, you can, every detail of every collection is captured on the system, including waste transfer notes, consignment notes for hazardous waste, plus all licences and permits

Can I book a waste collection via the portal?

Yes, it’s a very simple process to book collections and we will make sure you are fully versed in the operation of the system at the outset of the contract.

How often is my data updated on the Portal?

It is a “live” system and so as soon as the job is done and the confirmation received with weights and any other details, everything concerning the job will be input into the system

Can I download and save data from the portal?

All reports can be downloaded in Excel format for you to use in your own internal reporting

Can I get volumes and weights for individual waste streams?

Everything on our system can be broken down individually so that you can monitor any of your waste streams closely to check for fluctuations or patterns that could be used to improve the overall waste management on your site.

What does refuse mean?

Refuse is a term we use for waste that needs to be incinerated, but no energy is recovered from the process. This is applicable to some hazardous and difficult to process wastes, but we take every step we can to avoid this!

Using the portal, how can I be sure my waste was removed compliantly?

Every waste collection is tracked from cradle to grave. Every one of our supply partners has been through an extensive vetting process and they are all fully audited on a regular basis. We track the waste movements with flow charts on the system, detailing every piece of compliance information required at every step of the way.

Can I view waste data by site?

Yes, you can, we will group all waste streams for any particular site together for ease of access. You can even compare the recycling performances between your sites using the reporting functions.

What is the Waste Hierarchy?

The “waste hierarchy” ranks waste management options according to what is best for the environment. It gives top priority to preventing waste in the first place. When waste is created, it gives priority to preparing it for re-use, then recycling, then recovery, and last of all disposal (e.g. landfill).

What sort of reports can I get through the portal?

You can download a standard monthly report but by using the reports suite on the portal you can download reports for a range of aspects of your waste management. Everything from average weights to where your materials are on the waste hierarchy, even carbon credits associated with your recycling efforts – it’s all tracked and downloadable through the portal.

How do you calculate the Carbon reports?

The reports are split into two – the carbon equivalent from the transport emissions and the carbon associated with the disposal or recycling of the materials. The emissions are calculated based on mileage between your site and the end disposal route plus the make model and year of the vehicle collecting. Extensive background work has been carried out to ensure this is as accurate as possible for you to report as part of your CSR obligations.

How easy is the system to navigate?

It is an incredibly intuitive, clearly laid out system for you to use. In addition to this we will give you some initial training, plus we will always be on hand to support should you need it!

What our customers say

  • “With a complex site producing a wide range of wastes we needed help to move to the next stage, Waste Efficiency’s tailored solution has taken control of all our services and compliance paperwork thereby saving us time.”

    Graham Elcock, Health & Safety / Environmental Coordinator, Mazak
  • The CADS system not only keeps us legally compliant but enables us to be constantly in touch with our recycling performance

    Jerome Delalandre, Southco Manufacturing
  • “Effective waste management is essential to our sustainability journey to ensure we reduce our environmental impact in all areas of our business. Waste Efficiency have helped us to implement strategies that will support this”

    Simon Randall, Head of EHS, Facilities and Sustainability, Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One
  • “Waste Efficiency are rated highly at ABB. WE provide strong level of technical expertise, transparent and highly controlled legal documentation, are faultlessly reliable with their service commitment and overall consider WE as an excellent supplier provider to ABB.”

    Andrew Sheward, ABB Global Division Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability Manager
  • “Having worked with Waste Efficiency for a number of years with my previous companies, one of my first tasks at Norton was to onboard Waste Efficiency. The quality and responsiveness they demonstrate and the ease of use of the CADS system make them a pleasure to work with. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future as they will be an integral partner in helping Norton realise our sustainability goals”

    Ben Thomas, Environment, Health, Safety & Facilities Manager at Norton Motorcycles

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