Never worry about your windows or carpets again

Cleaning that extends the lifespan of your carpets

We offer a full range of carpet cleaning and stain removal services through our network of local partners right across the UK. Regular cleaning will not only keep your carpets looking clean and free from stains, but will also protect them from unnecessary wear and tear and avoid the need for costly replacements before their time.

Our fully trained expert technicians will transform your carpets, ensuring your customers always get the best possible first impression when they walk into your premises. We will look at exactly what you need and identify the causes of stains and odours. We will then use environmentally friendly cleaning materials and agents coupled with suitable machinery, restoring your commercial carpets to top condition. Health and safety is always top of mind, so our teams will adhere to strict health and safety protocols while working.

Commercial window cleaning

We offer a full range of window cleaning services through our network of local partners right across the UK, including:

  • High level cleaning
  • Rope access cleaning
  • Water fed pole cleaning
  • Traditional hand washing

Whatever type of window cleaning suits your premises best, we will provide you with the best solution. Our highly trained teams will pay attention to every detail, ensuring your windows are spotless inside and out. We will adhere to strict health and safety protocols while working and use environmentally friendly cleaning solvents to carry out their task.

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