Waste Compliance Management

Escape the compliance labyrinth

Maintaining a thorough compliance paper trail can be tough, especially when dealing with various and complicated waste streams. Keeping records for the required period of time, proving the waste hierarchy’s application, and additional criteria when an ISO 14001 accreditation is involved add even more to your workload.

We ensure that you are totally up to date and legally compliant, effectively taking the burden of compliance off your shoulders. CADS2, our data management system, is a comprehensive online compliance system that allows you to access all your information quickly and easily. 

We help you effortlessly navigate waste management compliance, by providing relevant, expert-driven measures that also boost your environment and health and safety (EHS) credentials, wherever you are in the UK.

What is waste management compliance?

Waste management compliance is the process of meeting all the requirements of regulations, standards and legislation around the handling and disposal of waste, including hazardous waste. As regulations become more restrictive, you need to keep a clear and up to date view on all your current compliance obligations to ensure they are met effectively, with a clear audit trail.


We worry about compliance, so you don’t have to.

Our team of waste compliance experts will help you identify all your obligations and ensure there are no areas of non-compliance in your waste management process. All relevant compliance information will be included in waste flow charts that are simple to explore. These links will take you to downloadable documents, where you can save or print copies, or leave them on the system and access them during audits.

Because we are ISO14001 certified, we also handle all supplier duty of care and compliance audits, relieving you of the burden and saving you time.

All of your waste transfer notes are managed by us, and we make sure that both customer and supplier sign offs are conducted electronically and are immediately made available on the portal.

Consignment notes

Consignment notes are critical documents that must be properly cometed and archived in order to be audit-ready. We manage your paperwork, ensuring that it is signed and uploaded to the site.

Duty of care, taken care of

Because we are ISO14001 certified, we also handle all supplier duty of care and compliance audits, relieving you of the compliance burden and saving you time.

We invite our customers along to our audits to give you peace of mind that your waste supply chain is genuinely compliant.

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