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Waste stream measurement and analysis

The consumption, disposal and recycling habits of your business changes over time. For instance, the sudden uptake of disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks, has resulted in a sharp increase in the levels of plastics being disposed of in commercial waste streams. These changes can hugely affect factors such as waste volumes, the ratio of non-recyclable vs. recyclable waste, and compliance or sustainability targets. Through an analysis of the volume and composition of your waste material, you can gain vital insights into the different elements and contaminants within your commodity.

We offer a complete waste characterisation service, including a waste composition analysis to evaluate the efficacy of your existing waste segregation programmes, an elemental analysis to identify the various elements contained within your waste, and a Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) analysis to outline how each type of waste will break down once buried in a landfill.

Armed with this data, your waste streams can be profiled, streamlined and diverted from landfill more effectively.

What is waste management compliance?

Waste management compliance is the process of meeting all the requirements of regulations, standards and legislation around the handling and disposal of waste, including hazardous waste. As regulations become more restrictive, you need to keep a clear and up to date view on all your current compliance obligations to ensure they are met effectively, with a clear audit trail.

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