IT equipment recycled to help local school

One of our clients, the Aston Martin Cognizant Aramco Formula one team, came to us as they had a lot of redundant and broken IT equipment to clear out and wanted to do something positive with it rather than simply recycle as WEEE waste.

As their waste and recycling partner, we scoured the market for a charity that could enable us to do this and brought George Cook and his amazing organisation Computers 4 Charity on board.

They not only securely wiped the data and refurbished the machines, they even upgraded them wherever possible! Thanks to generosity of Aston Martin F1 and the hard work by Computers 4 Charity, we were able to hand over 28 laptops to Laura Cain of the Radcliffe School Wolverton – fantastic to see them being reused in this way and avoiding the WEEE skip!

Laura said “We are so incredibly grateful for the donation of these laptops to The Radcliffe School. The computers will genuinely provide life changing opportunities for our students, helping particularly students with Special Educational Needs to work on a one to one with staff.”

The 28 pieces of IT equipment that have now been refurbished, upgraded and put back into the circular economy means that 28 devices will not need to be manufactured, thereby saving the planet from 4,050kg of CO2.

Drop us a line if you’d like to know more and see how we, working with our specially selected partners, can help you find a sustainable solution for any type of waste items and materials.

Pictured: Laura Cain of Radcliffe School Wolverton with Simon Foster and Tina Jones of Aston Martin F1 along with Dave Smith of Waste Efficiency.