Is your waste management service the right fit for your company?

Is your waste management service the right fit for your company?

Waste is as ever, an increasing cost to all businesses across the UK, whether that is through increases in landfill tax (which pushes all other disposal rates up on an annual basis too!) or increases in fuel which have a substantial effect on waste movements.

It’s not only costs that drive improvements in this regard, carbon footprint is a major factor as is presenting a sustainable solution from a Corporate Social Responsibility aspect.

The first step would be to conduct a full waste review, looking at all waste streams and initially investigating whether that stream can be minimised or even eliminated entirely – going paperless is good example of this.

Next would be to review what actually makes up your general waste? Are there any waste streams in there that may be recyclable? As long as it’s practical for your production process, many wastes can be recycled if segregated at source.

Then, it’s time to look at your on site processes, how does waste handling on a daily basis, impact your production efficiency? Would you benefit from a dedicated team or operative to manage the waste from the point of production to collection?

There are many, many factors to take into consideration when conducting a full waste review, the good news is we can help you every step of the way. You could start by taking our 360 test to get an idea of where you are with your current systems and where you’d like them to improve. We will then send you a bespoke report to discuss and from there can help you put things in place to make the changes you need.

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