Changes to disposal of Hazardous waste wood from demolition and refurbishments

As from the first of September, Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) 250 will be withdrawn in England by the Environment Agency.

The effect of this is that ten potentially hazardous waste wood materials from pre-2007 buildings, currently be sent for recycling or recovery under the RPS 250, can no longer be accepted at any wood recycling Facilities.

The ten materials in question from pre 2007 buildings are as follows:

• Barge boards

• External fascia

• Soffit boards

• External joinery

• External doors

• Roof timber

• Tiling cladding

• Tiling battens

• Timber frames

• Timber joists

These materials will be automatically classed as hazardous from the 1st September and will require specialist waste disposal. If you can send the materials for testing to demonstrate that they do not contain hazardous elements, only then can you send the materials through the usual wood recycling channels. Non compliance will result in rejected loads, additional costs, as well as fines and potential prosecution from the EA.

As with all waste materials, it will be the producers of the waste responsibility to identify and classify the waste wood correctly at source in accordance with environmental legislation, which may include sending samples for testing.

If you have any questions about any wood waste being produced by your business, please get in touch and we will steer you in the right direction!