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Waste cost reduction exercise

Our customer is the world’s leading innovator and producer of nickel based super alloys, with a product portfolio of over 100 different alloy compositions mostly developed in their own laboratories.

This customer produces around 30 tonnes of oily rags per year and used to spend c£20k on their disposal. Waste Efficiency have been able to significantly reduce this spend for them.


The main challenge with this customer was their geographic location, as they are located rurally and slightly further away from the motorway networks and recycling suppliers.

Maintaining high skip weights and making sure loads were optimised for transport was initially an issue. Training was provided for the employees involved in this process to ensure that higher skip weights were achieved. This was monitored via head office to ensure ongoing savings were achieved.


Waste Efficiency works closely with a strong network of suppliers to achieve the best results for our customers. Pulling in suppliers from outside the area.

Working with this customer we have been able to save the company around £220 per tonne on this waste stream. The annual saving equates to around £5500, over 25% of their initial costs for this waste stream.

Waste Efficiency helped us find a more cost effective solution for our oil contaminated rags, they also helped us with training to ensure all our skip weights were optimised.

Michael Raymond, Special Metals

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