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Maximising the value of recyclables

Our customer is a leading producer of fasteners and structural components for the aerospace industry.

For this particular project, we were briefed to improve the segregation of our customers waste on their factory floor. At this point they had two waste streams; general waste and cardboard waste.


The main challenge with this project was making sure the new system was used correctly by employees on the site. This is always a potential issue on large sites when changes with waste streams are being introduced. Education is a key part of making a project like this work!

The space on the factory floor was limited which also presented a challenge for us, this is essentially why we chose the option of dry mixed recycling rather than applying any further segregation for this customer as it is a catch all waste stream.

The financial implication of implementing a new system is always something that has to be justified and this project was no different. Savings will be made on transport costs as well as disposal costs as a result of the onsite compaction of waste and decreasing the amount of general waste produced.


A new segregation system was introduced comprising dry mixed recycling and general waste. This was thought appropriate as it addressed the recycling needs and also took into consideration the limited space on the factory floor.

New bins were added onto the site and located on the factory floor, making it as simple as possible for employees to recycle appropriately.

We improved the signage on the bins with clear, concise instructions designed specifically for the two different waste streams. Our aim is to make recycling as easy as possible for all employees.

Training was delivered to employees in order to help everyone understand the reasons for the new system and exactly how it would work.

A new starter document has also been produced that will be included in all induction packs for new employees.

We also introduced two compactors onto the site, these are used to compact materials which will help reduce transport costs and C02 emissions.

Audits were conducted after 2 months which helped identify any issues with segregation so they could be addressed as required in each production area.

A portable compactor was installed onto the site to help keep the yard tidy.

The next project for this customer will involve rolling this waste segregation system out to all of the offices on this site.

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