A solution for a difficult plastic waste stream

Our customer is a global manufacturer of automotive components, serving all major car manufacturers. With a commitment to sustainable and environmentally sound production, the company is always looking for innovative solutions for their waste management.

For this particular project, Waste Efficiency were tasked with finding a solution for a plastic waste stream which is notoriously difficult to deal with.

We were keen to find a closed loop solution for our customer for this particular waste stream, which is congruent with their commitment to sustainability and environmentally sound production. The company produces a lot of waste globally and has a zero landfill policy.


This waste stream can be problematic because the options for dealing with it are quite limited. Historically our customer sent this stream of waste to landfill or to incineration.

There was a build-up of the waste on our client’s site and so we had to find a solution as quickly as possible.


Waste Efficiency worked closely with this customer to find an innovative solution that would meet their needs of;

  •  Disposing of this waste stream,
  •   Providing them with a product to re-use as a result of the correct disposal
  •   Enabling them to close the recycling loop on this particular waste stream

Plasteco a company based in North Wales, provide closed loop recycling options by recycling plastics and turning them into something they call Smartawood. This can be used to build many different products such as outdoor furniture and also for larger design and build projects or bespoke products tailored for customers. Waste Efficiency liaised with Plasteco to provide a solution for this particular customer’s waste stream.

 Plastic was taken from the customer’s site to Plasteco who then turned this into several different products for the company including picnic benches and chairs. These will be used in the organisations eco garden and make a fantastic example for a circular economy model!

 The eco-garden is something the company is committed to globally and many of their sites around the world have one of these. They are used on a regular basis by employees, for functions and are also used as a learning resource for local schools and groups.

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