Caledonian Alloys

Maximising the value of recyclables

Our customer produces alloys for the aerospace, land-based turbine and chemical industries.

For this project, we were briefed to maximise the value of the cardboard and move the cardboard waste as high up the waste hierarchy as possible. The company produce around 150 large pallet boxes of waste each month and required a sound way of recycling or re-using this waste stream.


The main challenge with this customer was their geographic location as they are located rurally and slightly further away from the motorway networks and recycling suppliers. This can often be problematic and more expensive for recycling waste streams.

However we worked with our network of suppliers and were able to source an appropriate solution for the customer and this particular waste stream.


Waste Efficiency has a strong network of suppliers who we work with closely to achieve the best results for our customers. In this instance, we worked closely with our networks providing them with accurate information including photographs, volumes, and locations.

We found the best suited contractor to deal with the waste stream and moved the waste as high up the waste hierarchy as possible.

An optimum price was also achieved for the cardboard boxes. Rather than getting the typical £40 per ton we achieved £0.75p per box which is an increase of approximately 400%.

We are now looking at finding a solution for the HTPE bags waste stream on this customers site.

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