Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ awarded 3-star rating for environmental performance.

One of our clients, the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team based in Silverstone, have just been awarded the highest accreditation by the FIA, a three-star rating for their environmental performance.

Parveer Ramana (Environmental and Sustainability lead) said; “Waste Efficiency have been instrumental in ensuring compliance to waste legislation as well as providing insight into our carbon footprint associated with the transportation and processing of waste, all very valuable for tracking Scope 3 Carbon emissions and meeting our waste reduction targets.”

The FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme is aimed at helping motor sport and mobility stakeholders worldwide to measure and enhance their environmental performance. By introducing a clear and consistent environmental management system, it provides stakeholders with a three-level framework against which to accredit their activities.

It is organised around three levels:

  • One-Star – Basic practice: Demonstrate basic environmental performance and a commitment to improve
  • Two-Star – Good practice: Demonstrate good environmental performance and be close to follow internationally developed roadmaps toward environmental management
  • Three-Star – Best practice: Demonstrate best practice and commitment to seek continual improvement through the implementation of an environmental management system

We at Waste Efficiency are very pleased that we have been able to assist the team from a waste and recycling perspective in attaining the 3 star standard. We have given them more control over their waste output, increased recycling and ensured full, easily tracked audit trails via our online client compliance and reporting portal. We have also worked with their team to identify a number of projects going forward to make a continual contribution to improving environmental performance.

Simon Randall (Head of EHS, Facilities and Sustainability) said;

“Effective waste management is essential to our sustainability journey to ensure we reduce our environmental impact in all areas of our business. Waste Efficiency have helped us to implement strategies that will support this”