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Your partner for all of your environmental service requirements

Waste Efficiency is the waste management and environmental service provider that can make a real difference to your business.

We have earned the right to partner some of the world’s most exacting companies in the delivery of their environmental solutions and have become leaders in the delivery of integrated environmental solutions.

Whether your aspiration is zero waste to land fill, a range of environmental services or just to get a grip of your compliance and you want to know who can help, then look no further…………We Can.


‘Waste Efficiency have long since moved from subcontractor to valued business partner with significant benefits to both parties’

Paul Hutton EDM Group

‘We needed a partner we can trust to deliver the right rebates for our scrap materials so working with Waste Efficiency was an obvious choice’

Neil Grimshaw Air Products

‘The CADS system not only keeps us legally compliant but enables us to be constantly in touch with our recycling performance’

Jerome Delalandre Southco Corp

‘With a complex site producing a wide range of wastes we needed help to move to the next stage, Waste Efficiency’s tailored solution has taken control of all of our services and compliance paperwork thereby saving us time’

Graham Elcock Mazak


Being able to apply my training and experience on a customer's site has delivered some real benefits for the client.

Helena Munoz, BSc
Site Environmental Co ordinator
Waste Efficiency

I'm here rain or shine to keep the operation running smoothly.

Dave Miller
Environmental Operative

I'm here to make sure the customer gets the best value for what they throw out.

Adam Fitzer
Site Operative
Waste Efficiency

About Us

What do we do?

Waste Efficiency delivers efficient waste management and environmental service solutions built around our customers’ requirements.

From simple one off recycling jobs to complex total waste management services we construct and deliver the most appropriate solution for you. Our services are designed to integrate seamlessly with your operations, to complement your activities and to work within your budgetary constraints.

Waste Efficiency does not run vehicles or waste facilities of our own, this means we are under no commercial pressure to offer any one type of service in particular. In practical terms this means that we are free to propose the most appropriate service for each waste stream every time.  

How can we help you?

Our customers are invariably busy people with a lot to do. We know that whilst waste is a highly regulated area it can play second fiddle to health & safety. A key element of our business is an objective of relieving our customers of the everyday burden of compliance paperwork thereby allowing them to get on with other often more pressing things.

In addition to managing your compliance we will also supply bespoke monthly reporting and a wealth of other relevant data (you decide how much) through our online Customer Access Data System (CADS).

As a one stop shop for environmental services we can seamlessly integrate a wide range of services into a facilities management package. All of our services are fully compliant with their delivery actively managed by our experienced Operations team.

Legal Documentation

Click on the links below to see our compliance information

Carrier/ broker/ dealer certificate
Scrap metal dealers licence
Insurance certificate
ISO 14001 certificate
CHAS certificate
Health & safety policy
Environmental policy



Recycling & Waste Management Services

Delivering the right service for your site, reliably, consistently and safely.

Through applying our systematic approach to managing waste we will identify the optimum solution for your site. Taking full account of your site’s constraints including any corporate environmental goals, space considerations and budgets we will jointly agree a set of objectives with you. We will then map out how the objectives will be achieved through the creation and delivery of a detailed plan containing timescales and milestones.

With Waste Efficiency focussed on the delivery of the plan you can be confident that your waste management objectives are in good hands.

Please call us on 0844 264 0500 to arrange a free waste audit.

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On-Site Staff

Let us take the strain

Waste Efficiency specialises in the supply of fully trained Waste Operatives. The correct and safe handling of waste requires training and knowledge, surprisingly this is an activity which is frequently entrusted to untrained staff or even agency workers. Given the potential dangers in handling waste and operating compaction machinery companies working in this way are laying themselves open to significant risk.

All of our waste operatives are trained to WAMITAB Recycling Level 2, a non-vocational qualification which is delivered ‘on the job’ and gives them a good understanding of how to safely handle and process waste.

Where appropriate we can supply qualified managers to supervise and coordinate all of Waste Efficiency’s operations on a customer’s site. Depending on the scope of role and the customer’s specific requirements these will usually be graduates in an environmental science and will come with experience of running complex outsourced operations.

Please call us on 0844 264 0500 to find out more.

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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning

Delivering the cleanest facilities

Waste Efficiency supplies a wide range of cleaning activities covering factories, offices and all associated facilities. Often integrated seamlessly with our waste and other facilities operations we work hard to consistently deliver an environment that is not only pleasant to work in but is highly presentable to visitors.

Employing the latest cleaning machinery coupled with highly efficient low environmental impact cleaning chemicals we deliver the highest cleaning standards consistently and efficiently.

In addition to the more traditional cleaning services we provide a range of specialist services including high level cleaning, decontamination services and site clearances.

Please call us on 0844 264 0500 to find out more.

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Delivering Efficiencies

Waste Efficiency provides a wide range of waste management machinery including balers, compactors, roll packers, shredders and briquetters.

Machines can be supplied with a range of maintenance packages and can be financed via a variety of finance options. Machines can often be supplied as part of a wider total waste management solution with their cost being financed through reduction in disposal costs/increases in productivity.

We are always happy to carry out a full and transparent pay back analysis for customers considering investing in a machine.

Please call us on 0844 264 0500 to find out more.

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Grounds & Buildings Maintenance

Keeping you working

From gardening and litter picking to handy man services Waste Efficiency has a solution to keep your facilities and grounds spick and span.

Either delivered as part of a wider facilities management service or as a stand-alone activity we can supply you with a cost effective solution.

Many companies purchase services such as minor repairs, small decorating jobs, decorating, PAT testing etc. on an ad hoc basis, an approach which can prove very expensive when compared with having a full time ‘handy man’ on site who can deliver service quickly and cost effectively.

Please call us on 0844 264 0500 to find out more.

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Compliance Management & Reporting

All the information you need

Every Waste Efficiency customer receives a full compliance management service. All relevant data is provided via the Customer Access Data System and is automatically kept up to date.

Waste carriers certificates and site licenses are provided via easy to navigate ‘waste flow diagrams’ which give you full transparency as to what happens to your waste when it leaves site. All documents can be easily downloaded or printed off, alternatively they can be left in situ and viewed on the site – several customers are actively and successfully using this approach during ISO14001 audits.

Full and detailed reporting can be supplied via bespoke graphs. As the system is completely configurable we only provide you with the data you want to see, every month, on time and accurate.

Please call us on 0844 264 0500 to find out more.

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Our Process

The process involves the application of our methodical approach to waste management. From identifying the waste to segregating it and finally presenting it in the best form to facilitate safe and cost effective disposal the process covers all the steps in Waste Efficiency's approach.

Click on the arrow below to take a walk through the process

Step 1 - Waste Analysis

A detailed analysis of the constituents of the waste is carried out to identify what can and what cannot be recycled

Step 2 - Prioritisation

This step identifies the order in which the waste streams identified will be addressed. The aim is to identify where the biggest impacts can be made and to target these areas first

Step 3 - Disposal route / Waste hierarchy

Once we have decided on the order the optimum disposal route for each waste stream will be identified. At this stage disposal routes that can cost effectively move the waste stream up the waste, hierarchy will be prioritised

Step 4 - Contractor management

Contractors are identified and assessed using our supplier approval process and contractor monitoring procedures which form part of our environmental management system (EMS). The performance of all contractors is monitored to ensure tagert service levels are being met

Step 5 - Investment

At this stage we assess whther making investments in machinery to compact/bale/shred the waste would offer operational or cost efficiency benefits. A full payback analysis forms a key part of this axercise as does a detailed assessment of potential operational efficiencies.

Step 6 - Segregation and storage system, signage

A well though out waste segregation system is one of the most important elements of a successful waste management solution. At this stage we will identify the optimum locations for containers, will make recommendations as to container type and will organise clear and consistent signage

Step 7 - Implementation and education

Many well intentioned segregation systems fail because insufficient attention is given to training staff. We will design and deliver a targeted training programme including written and electronic communications, presentations and where appropriate toolbox talks

Step 8 - Measuring and monitoring

By closely monitoring the progress of the segregation we can identify areas that are running well and those that require more focus and potentially additional training. Careful ongoing monitoring is essential in the delivery of a successful segregation system.

Step 9 - Reinforcement

One of the most important steps. A waste managment system that is set up then ignored is destined to fail with pople falling back into bad habits. We will be there to ensure that it does not fail by continually reinforcing the message and ensuring that good practices become ingrained in the organisation

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Close our process

Our Approach

The Waste Efficiency approach is based on a logical process systematically applied to all waste streams.

Starting with the biggest waste stream first our waste hierarchy based system will identify and characterise the waste before finding the most appropriate, and where possible, landfill-free disposal route. The new disciplines and services introduced are then monitored and reinforced to ensure changes are successful going forwards.

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Information at your fingertips

Waste Efficiency’s Customer Access Data System (CADS) is our sophisticated online compliance and reporting system which provides all of the information you need at your fingertips.

All compliance information is provided in easy to navigate waste flowcharts which click through to downloadable documents giving you the option to save or print copies or just leave them on the system and access them when required.

Copies of contractor site audit reports, relevant legislation and waste hierarchy justifications are also included along with a raft of other information.

Bespoke reporting graphs are tailored to your exact requirements and posted on the system on a monthly basis.

Take a look at CADS


CADs Compliance Demonstration

A demonstration of Waste Efficiency’s Customer Access Data System (CADS)

All compliance information is provided in easy to navigate waste flowcharts which click through to downloadable documents giving you the option to save or print copies or just leave them on the system and access them when required.