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About Us

What do we do? Waste Efficiency delivers efficient waste management and environmental service solutions built around our customers’ requirements. From simple one off recycling jobs to complex total waste management services we construct and deliver the most appropriate solution for you. Our services are designed to integrate seamlessly with your operations, to complement your activities and to work within your budgetary constraints. Waste Efficiency does not run vehicles or waste facilities of our own, this means we are under no commercial pressure to offer any one type of service in particular. In practical terms this means that we are free to propose the most appropriate service for each waste stream every time. How can we help you? Our customers are invariably busy people with a lot to do. We know that whilst waste is a highly regulated area it can play second fiddle to health & safety. A key element of our business is an objective of relieving our customers of the everyday burden of compliance paperwork thereby allowing them to get on with other often more pressing things. In addition to managing your compliance we will also supply bespoke monthly reporting and a wealth of other relevant data (you decide how much) through our online Customer Access Data System (CADS). As a one stop shop for environmental services we can seamlessly integrate a wide range of services into a facilities management package. All of our services are fully compliant with their delivery actively managed by our experienced Operations team. Legal Documentation Click on the links below to see our compliance information Carrier/ broker/ dealer certificate Scrap metal dealers licence Insurance certificate ISO 14001 certificate CHAS certificate Health & safety policy Environmental policy

Our Approach

The Waste Efficiency approach is based on a logical process systematically applied to all waste streams. Starting with the biggest waste stream first our waste hierarchy based system will identify and characterise the waste before finding the most appropriate, and where possible, landfill-free disposal route. The new disciplines and services introduced are then monitored and reinforced to ensure changes are successful going forwards.

Process - Intro

The process involves the application of our methodical approach to waste management. From identifying the waste to segregating it and finally presenting it in the best form to facilitate safe and cost effective disposal the process covers all the steps in Waste Efficiency's approach. Click on the arrow below to take a walk through the process

Cads System 1

CADs Compliance Demonstration A demonstration of Waste Efficiency’s Customer Access Data System (CADS) All compliance information is provided in easy to navigate waste flowcharts which click through to downloadable documents giving you the option to save or print copies or just leave them on the system and access them when required.

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

Delivering the right cleaning service for your site, reliably, consistently and safely. b2b facilities supplies a wide range of cleaning activities which can be delivered either as stand-alone services or integrated seamlessly with our other facilities services. We work hard to consistently deliver an environment that is pleasant to work in. Employing the latest cleaning machinery coupled with highly efficient low environmental impact cleaning chemicals we deliver the highest cleaning standards consistently and efficiently. Commercial Cleaning Our experienced and well trained commercial cleaning teams work hard to keep your offices, warehouses, retail premises and public buildings clean and highly presentable at all times. Our aim is to provide you with premises you can feel proud of. Industrial Cleaning A comprehensive range of industrial cleaning services can be provided including factory and machine cleaning, shutdown cleans, tank cleaning including confined space work, decontamination work and high level cleaning. Please contact us if your requirement is not listed above as this is just a small selection of the cleaning services we offer. Call us on 0333 011 0601 or click here to arrange a free quotation.

Building Maintenance

Let us keep you properly housed Keeping your buildings fully operational can be a headache. There are as many tradesmen as repair jobs and the costs of employing them on an adhoc basis can soon escalate. Our services include a wide range of ongoing maintenance tasks including building, electrical, plumbing and flooring services. All can be delivered as part of a comprehensive buildings maintenance package. Many companies purchase services such as minor repairs, decorating jobs, PAT testing etc. on an ad hoc basis, an approach which can prove very expensive when compared with having a full time ‘handy man’ on site who can deliver service quickly and cost effectively. b2b facilities specialises in providing effective buildings maintenance services either as part of a wider facilities management solution or as a stand alone service. Please call us on 0333 011 0601 or click here to find out more.

Recycling & Waste Management

Total Waste Management Services Through applying our systematic approach to managing waste we will identify the optimum solution for your site. Taking full account of your site’s constraints including any space considerations your corporate environmental goals and budgets we will jointly agree a set of objectives with you. We will then map out how the objectives will be achieved through the creation and delivery of a detailed plan containing timescales and milestones. With Waste Efficiency focussed on the delivery of the plan you can be confident that your waste management objectives are in good hands. Our services cover all types of waste whether they be straightforward such as general waste, cardboard, wood or plastics, or more complex such as hazardous wastes, oil contaminated materials or asbestos we have a safe and compliant solution. Please call us on 0333 011 0601 or click here for a free waste audit.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Delivering you the best environment b2b facilities provides a wide range of grounds maintenance services aimed at removing the hassle from keeping your facility looking good. Ranging from grass cutting, border and tree maintenance to groundworks, litterpicking and pest control we can provide a comprehensive solution that will keep your external areas spick and span. Either delivered as part of a wider facilities management service or as a stand-alone activity we can supply you with a cost effective solution. Please call us on 0333 011 0601 or click here to find out more.

Compliance Management & Service Data

All the information you need in one place As a b2b customer you can opt for access to our Customer Access Data System. The system holds all of the information you need to keep you legally compliant. Documents and detailed reports relating to all of our services can be accessed via a secure log in. Waste documentation is provided via easy to navigate ‘waste flow diagrams’ which give you full transparency as to what happens to your waste when it leaves site. All documents can be easily downloaded or printed off, alternatively they can be left in situ and viewed on the site. Full and detailed reporting relating to all aspects of your service can be supplied via bespoke reports on a monthly basis. As the system is completely configurable we only provide you with the data you want to see, every month, on time and accurate. Please call us on 0333 011 0601 or click here to find out more.


Keeping you safe b2b provides a wide range of manned guarding services designed to suit our customers individual needs. Our services cover security guarding, mobile patrols, keyholding and alarm response. As with all of b2b's services the quality of our staff is paramount and we go to great lengths to ensure we employ the right people to keep your facilities safe. Our security services are designed to fit seamlessly in with our range of facilities services. Please call us on 0333 011 0601 or click here to find out more.

Information at your fingertips

b2b facilities Customer Access Data System (CADS) is our sophisticated online compliance and reporting system which provides all of the information you need at your fingertips. From legal compliance documentation to staff training records to hours delivered we can supply a wide range of information concerning your service via the CADS system. As the system is completely configurable we supply you with the information you require to keep you legally compliant as a matter of course and can supply the service related data you want to see in a bespoke package. Waste management compliance documentation is provided in easy to navigate waste flowcharts which click through to downloadable documents giving you the option to save or print copies or just leave them on the system and access them when required. Bespoke reporting graphs are tailored to your exact requirements and posted on the system on a monthly basis.

Process - Step 1

Step 1 - Waste Analysis A detailed analysis of the constituents of the waste is carried out to identify what can and what cannot be recycled