Recycling and Waste Management

Waste Services

Total waste management

Waste Efficiency can deliver a total waste management solution for your business, based on a detailed audit of your wastes and designed to meet your exact business requirements using the optimum recycling based disposal option for each waste stream.

Hazardous waste and transfrontier shipments

Waste Efficiency specialises in the disposal of hazardous wastes. The correct disposal of hazardous waste is crucial as incorrect disposal can result in prosecution, bad publicity, and hefty fines.

Our highly experienced staff can advise on the best storage and disposal option for your hazardous materials taking account of environmental considerations, health and safety and cost.

We will help you to ensure that your hazardous materials are not illegally commingled with other materials and will work with you to identify opportunities to prevent it from being generated in the first place.

We are experienced in the exporting of hazardous wastes via trans-frontier shipments. This approach opens up access to a wide range of disposal technologies unavailable in the UK and increases the potential for the cost-effective extraction of valuable materials from your waste streams.


We provide our customers with routes for the recycling of a wide range of materials. We advise on the optimum form for materials to achieve maximum rebate and can supply a range of baling machines to make your operation as cost effective as possible.
We have excellent networks with local and national and international recycling routes for a wide range of materials including paper, cardboard, plastics, ferrous / non-ferrous / precious metals and a wide range of other materials.


As part of our comprehensive ongoing customer care programme, we will assess what materials can be re-used within the client’s production and manufacturing processes. Typically these materials may be fed back into the production process or alternatively used in another of the company’s processes.

Specialist service

In support of our waste management services, we supply a range of ancillary services to our customers aimed at improving their processes and improving their environmental performance.
These include advice on the layout of the customer’s waste yard to improve operational efficiency and environmental expediency, working with customers supply chains to help reduce or even eliminate problematic packaging from their site and training customers’ personnel in waste management best practice.