Data Management

We continually update our knowledge on the latest compliance legislation making sure we are up to date and can advise you accordingly.

This ensures that you are fully up to date and legally compliant, essentially taking the headache out of legislation for you. Our data management system – CADS is a sophisticated online compliance system that allows you to access all of your information quickly and easily.


Access to information is an important factor in modern waste management.

All waste producers are required to obtain and retain documentation relating to their waste disposal activities as part of their duty of care under the current environmental legislation.

Maintaining a complete compliance paper trail can be challenging, particularly where multiple and difficult waste streams are involved. Keeping records for the requisite length of time, maintaining proof of application of the waste hierarchy and additional requirements where an ISO 14001 accreditation is involved all adds to the burden.

Waste Efficiency will provide all compliance information in easy to navigate waste flow charts. These click through to downloadable documents giving you the option to save them or print copies or just leave them on the system and access them during audits. Copies of contractor site audit reports, relevant legislation, and waste hierarchy justifications are also included along with a raft of other information.

For reporting

Many companies are required to report on their environmental performance on a monthly basis.

In order to fully understand what is happening with your waste and environmental services, the importance of good quality data cannot be overstated. For this reason, we have invested in the CADS System’s data reporting systems to make them the best available.

As the system is fully configurable we can provide you with comprehensive data sets in exactly the format you require.

Where customers are required to report internally on their environmental performance in a specific format we can create reports accordingly for you to download and submit, no-one will ever know that you did not produce them yourself!

Financial documents

Consolidated invoices with backing sheets, rebate notes, self-billing invoices and account statements can all be posted on-line for customers to access instantly via the CADS system.

Customer Access Data System (CADS)

Waste Efficiency’s Customer Access Data System (CADS) is a sophisticated online compliance and reporting tool that provides all the information you need at the touch of a button.