If you are already extracting maximum value from your waste and generating significant income streams it sounds like you are already part of the circular economy and already reaping the rewards. If you are not however and you are wondering what this could mean for your business and how you can achieve it, please read on.

What is the Circular Economy?

In a traditional linear economy, products are made, used and disposed of. In a circular economy, however, resources are kept for as long as possible, the maximum value is extracted from these resources whilst they are still in use and then products and materials are recovered and regenerated from the resources at the end of their life. It is a much more holistic approach with sustainability at its core and will become increasingly important as we move towards goals for climate change.

Benefits of the Circular Economy

There are several benefits of a circular economy and some of these include;

  • New opportunities for growth
  • Reductions in waste
  • Positive environmental implications
  • Greater resource productivity
  • Increased income streams for business
  • Healthier economy

How we can help you become part of the Circular Economy
As waste management specialists, our mission is to deliver bespoke integrated waste management and facilities solutions that effectively meet our customer needs. We do this with exceptional service that is based on honesty and integrity.

We believe that by delivering our services we help businesses automatically become part of the circular economy. We work hard for our customers in finding them the right waste management solutions for their complex needs. We have significant expertise working with companies in the defence, automotive, aerospace, technology manufacturing and engineering sectors. These industries all have very specialised needs when it comes to their waste management, metal recycling and facilities management services.

A good example of our providing a bespoke service was in advising a customer on their nickel waste that could be exported for extraction rather than being sent to landfill. This had many positive implications for the company and also gave them a substantial additional income stream.

Free Audit

Waste Efficiency would like to offer you a free audit to help you become part of the circular economy and achieve the benefits for your business. For more information or to book your audit please give us a call.

Call us to book your audit on: 0844 264 0500